Charleston Vs. The World!

GoLilTurbo a man on a mission, a real rack chaser! Turbo, one is of the hardest working artist out right now and he’s only been around for 2 years. The South Carolina native grew up in North Charleston, a city that is very separated. Turbo managed to reach all sides of his community with his music. I remember walking downtown with him and people were hopping out of cars trying to talk to this guy. I was shocked. It’s rare when the people you meet really have star potential.

His interview he recently had with The Reach TV really sheds light on his upcoming success. He’s really showing the youth that music and artistry is another way out your circumstances other than scholastics or athletics. And don’t think Turbo didn’t hit a quick freestyle. Although it was a short verse, you can see why he’s been making a lot of noise!

I see many big things coming out of his career. We can tell he wants to take this to the moon! After being named rookie of the year he has stepped into the spotlight with Turbo Beiber and Turbo Beiber 2. The underground needs more of a thorough and genuine energy emitted into the mix. GoLilTurbo IS that!