Detroit Vs. The World!

Take a front row seat to get a full perspective into the day in the life of the legendary Detroit photographer who goes by the name of VUHLANDES on his latest documentary titled “STICKS & STONES”. This motion picture is everything the visionary ever wanted to express to his audience & now it’s upon us all. Taking viewers on a stroll through the trenches in which he grew up on to his favorite food spot Detroit has to offer, VUHLANDES gets personal with this one. It doesn’t get more trap than this, there’s no other photographer capturing what he’s exposing to the world daily despite the hate he states he receives till this day. That’s exactly why we state him to be a legend. Not faking a thing in his work & continuously stating he’s going to keep his work in the hood, VUHLANDES is a significant creative to the culture & this piece of his life in these 20 minutes coudln’t be any more greater to his loaded portfolio.