Charlotte Vs. The World!

TYLER GROSSO has been a well known name to anybody who's got their eyes on the underground streetwear scene or even music scene. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, GROSSO talks with ADAM22 from NO JUMPER to give his addition to their newest "EXPOSED" series. After sharing one of the most favorable interviews with ADAM a little over 2 years go; TYLER gets straight back to where he left off this time on a more positive note. Speaking on multiple topics such as, A$AP YAMS to LIL PEEP to recently kicking the cup due to serious health issues. TYLER GROSSO is in a better mind state & his clothing brand SUPERRRADICALis booming out of this world. Despite hitting rock bottom, GROSSO explains to ADAM & shows that he's clearly better than ever before & shares personal topics on his life & career from the very beginning stages to today.